Manorfield Infant and Nursery School

Mrs K Bradshaw

01924 326 718

Manor Way, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 7DQ

"This is a friendly, nurturing school. Parents say that adults warmly welcome them to this school and they enjoy being part of a compassionate school family." OFSTED Oct 2021


Children make better progress if they attend school regularly.   Punctuality is also important to them  - they can feel  'left out' if activities have started before they arrive.  Absences can have a serious affect on progress, so we ask parents to support the school by ensuring that children are absent as little as possible. 

If your child is absent it is essential that you let the school know by telephoning (01924) 326718 . Two bi-lingual Business Support Officers are available to answer phone calls.  If we are not informed of a reason for a child’s absence a member of staff will contact you by phone.  
The Education (Pupils Attendance Records) Regulations state that if a child is absent from school without notification from a parent the absence must be marked as unauthorised.



Please let us know in advance about medical and dental appointments.  If your child needs to leave school for medical appointments etc. at times other than the normal 'home' time a known adult must collect them and the class teacher/head teacher must be informed.  The adult must sign the child out at the reception desk stating the time and reason for taking the child out of school.  No child can be taken out of school without the permission of the head teacher or senior member of staff.  These arrangements are for the safety of the children.

If a child’s absence reaches an unacceptable level the school makes a formal referral to the Educational Social Work Service. 



The law says that children should attend school each and every day it is open.  In exceptional circumstances, schools can allow parents to take their child out of class for a maximum of ten days in a school year.  Unfortunately, exceptional circumstances do not include marriages abroad, cheap holiday availability or visiting relatives. The school may decline a request for extended leave because of a poor attendance history. If you do not return by the agreed date your child may is at risk of losing his or her place at school.  Parents are also liable to a fine if children are kept away from school for an extended period or without the head teacher’s permission

For this reason parents must always discuss proposed term time absences with the head teacher, and complete the appropriate term time absence form prior to booking tickets or accommodation.