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Vision and Values

Our vision: Fulfilling Potential

Our values are complementary, and together they uphold our vision of; Fulfilling Potential.

We help all our children fulfil their potential, as we focus on the individual child. Treating them as individuals means we adapt to their unique needs, provide solid foundations and empower them to confidently take the next steps in their educational journey.

Our values

We embody a culture where everyone has bespoke opportunities and experiences. We celebrate differences and enjoy hearing each other's stories, and learning about other people's lives.

Through an open culture, we champion being expressive, which helps the development of effective communication skills (speaking and listening).

Our environment provides both exceptional care and safety to support everyone’s needs.

We nurture children, as well as staff, to aid personal development and build confidence, encouraging characteristics that will help them to navigate any challenges they may experience.

Through an explorative approach to both learning and play, we allow our children and staff to grow and flourish.

We embed an ethos of respect so that our children have role models in school and will go on to be moral, respectful citizens.